Swim Ireland Registration and Contacting the Committee


In order to compete in the Leinster Open Sea Races, Swimmers must be registered with a Swim Ireland club for insurance purposes.   If your are not registered and would like to register,  but do not know of any local clubs contacts  etc. please email leinsteropenseacommittee@gmail.com and PLEASE include your phone number.  We will direct you to your nearest club contact.  Please also give an indication where you based either home or work etc. To register with Swim Ireland  from now until the end of the season (Mid October) costs Euro 13.  

As per previous posts before presenting at your first open sea race please complete novice form.  If a swimmer is under 18 years of age they must have a parental or guardian consent form signed.

Novice Form

Parent or Guardian Consent

If you wish to contact the committee or a member of the committee please email leinsteropenseacommittee@gmail.com and please ALWAYS include your phone number.   It is often  quicker to call or text somebody then to email etc.  Please do not send messages to the committee via Facebook.  We will not respond to contacts via Facebook. .

Alternatively if you wish to contact the committee  just walk over and talk to a member of the committee at any of the races.  If  however if you have a dispute or a complaint  please follow the following guidance.

In the unlikely event that you dispute a decision of a race official or have a complaint to make, you may put a question or complaint in writing by email to the Open Sea Committee at leinsteropenseacommittee@gmail.com .

All such questions or complaints must be received within twenty four hours of the race.  Under no circumstances are the handicappers, race referee or race team to be approached directly at the race location or at the presentation after the race.   Disputes will be adjudicated by the Open Sea Committee. Their decision will be final.

The Open Sea Committee will issue announcements and updates on the Leinster Open Sea Races via our facebook and this website . The Facebook page will always be the first to be updated.   Please check these before travelling to races for news of cancellations, postponements and general updates.

  • Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/leinsteropensea
  • Leinster Open Sea Website: www.leinsteropensea.ie
  • Email: leinsteropenseacommittee@gmail.com

The Open Sea Committee will not issue announcements and updates by way of text, phone or email and will only contact a swimmer in the case of urgent matters.

Sabrina Wiedmer North Channel Swim

A few short months ago I wrote to tell you about Swiss Swimming Sensation Sabrina Wiedmer. In February she became the first Swiss Swimmer to swim an International Ice Mile in a women’s world record time of 25 minutes and 15 seconds. Sabrina completed a degree in Biochemistry in Ireland last year (Dublin City University). During her time here she swam in galas and open water swims, winning races and making great friends.

This weekend she returns to Dublin after a winter training in Lake Thun. Next week she will take on the North Channel, swimming from Ireland to Scotland. This is an incredible swim and, to date, has only been crossed by 19 individuals. What is amazing is that the North Channel is Sabrina’s first Channel Swim; for her counterparts it is often the last Channel to be attempted.

Times for the North Channel range from 9:35 to 18:59. The swim is weather dependent. The North Channel is the most challenging of all Channel Swims and is notorious for cold water, rough weather and blooms of jellyfish.

I include a tracker link for the swim. We expect Sabrina to get the call to start at the end of next week. I will be updating the tracker for the swim and our FB page

  • Facebook Page Eastern Bay
  • Sabrina has swam for Schwim Club Delphn, Eutendorff since her youth and is also a member of Eastern Bay Swim Team, a masters swimming club in Dublin. I attach a photo of Sabrina from last summer’s Eastern Bay swim in Dublin Bay. She is in the very good company of Annette Cullen; a training buddy and English Channel aspirant.

    I am sure you will want to cover the swim for the Swiss Swimming Federation. Please let me know if you require further information.

    Fergal Sommerville

    Announcements Perpetual Cups and Guardian’s Consent Forms

    Consent Forms Minors (Under 18 on 1 June 2014)

    Please find attached Parental Consent form. Please print, sign and bring to your first race in 2014.   Please ensure that Aoife Drumm gets the copy.

    Perpetual Cups 1st Place Men’s and Ladies’ Dublin City Liffey Swim and Dun Laoghaire Harbour Race

    The Open Sea Committee will retain both the men’s and ladies’ 1st place perpetual cups both for the Harbour Race and for the Liffey Swim for safekeeping during the year.   The Open Sea Committee has received advise that it is unwise to loose custody of the cups for insurance and security reasons.   The Winners’ Cups are unique and they could not be replaced if they were lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.   The Open Sea Committee hope to obtain replica cups before the respective races, however we cannot guarantee this at this stage due to our very limited budget.

    The Open Sea Committee will require winners of other perpetual trophies to sign for them and specify where they are going to be held before ‘they may be taken from the presentation.   The Open Sea Committee reserve the right to retain for safekeeping any perpetual trophy or to request that a perpetual trophy is returned to the committee at any time during the year.

    Swimmers Competing First Time


    Swimmers who are competing in their first Leinster Open Water Race must present themselves in person to the race officials on the day at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled race start time.
    Swimmers who are competing in their first Leinster Open Water Race must present themselves in person to the race officials on the day at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled race start time.

    Please complete the attached novice consent form fully and accurately and bring it with you. This is essential to ensure you are fairly assessed to ensure your safety and the safety of other competitors on the day. You must also produce evidence of Swim Ireland membership.

    Swimmers who do not satisfy the above requirements may not be permitted to compete.  If you have competed previously but are returning after a number of years absence, please follow the above requirements.

    Novice Form

    Swimmers under 18 years of age must have a parental or Guardian consent form signed.

    Parent or Guardian Consent

    Open Sea Committee

    Caring for Pádraig Schäler

    I am sure many of you have already heard about Pádraig Schäler and his accident last June.   Pádraig swam with several clubs including CRC, Westwood, Atlantis and Trinity.  Both Pádraig and his father Reinhard competed in the Open Sea Races.  A fund is now up and running to help the Schäler’s with the substantial medical expenses which they are incurring looking after Pádraig.

    Please find link to the Caring for Padraig website which gives further information.    http://caringforpadraig.org/.


    Changes to the Open Sea Committee

    After many years service to the Open Sea Committee both John Redmond Chairman and Martin Monks Handicapper have decided to step down from the committee.   We would like to thank both John and Martin for the enormous contribution they have made over the years to the committee and to the Open Sea Races.

    The Open Sea Committee ask that Leinster Clubs encourage their members who participate in the open sea races to volunteer and come forward in the following roles:

    • Equipment;
    • Van or Trailer Driver
    • Assisting with Liffey Swim; and
    • Lough Dan;

    We need somebody who would be prepared to check out and in equipment needed for each of the races from our stores.
    Van Driver or Car with Tow Bar
    We need people who may have either an empty van or who have a tow bar on their car  and would be prepared to tow a trailer containing equipment to the races.  This is a job that we would prefer to share out between two people as it is an onerous committment for one person.

    The Open Sea Committee needs new faces with new ideas to enhance and continue the work of the committee.   We therefore would warmly welcome new people to join us.  Therefore we would ask people who are interested in coming forward to email leinsteropenseacommittee@gmail.com.

    Open Sea Committee